I gave notice this week and told my bosses that the 26th would be my last day.  They were overwhelmingly positive about the whole thing.  They are sad to see me go, but I think they understood my need to undertake this adventure.  I am trying to repay them by doing the best I can to make my departure easier on my co-workers.

The scary thing about all this is now that I’ve given notice I’ve basically commited myself to going on this trip.  I have so much to do and little time to do it.  I’ve sold some furniture, took care of some pre-trip errands, and finished getting my meds and shots (more on how I spent less than I thought on health related costs in a future post).

I also went to STA Travel today to find a cheaper ticket from Lima to New York.  They are an amazing help!  The best price I could find on my own was $860 and they found me a ticket for $710.  I will definately be contacting them from the road to help me with flights.  If you’re in Seattle the STA Travel office is located in the U-District.